Juan Reyero

Juan Reyero

Engineer and programmer, with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and working at Xaar in Cambridge, UK. Before that I worked at Hewlett Packard's research and development lab since 1996. With over 40 US patents filed, at least 12 of them granted and the rest pending. I am currently working on the data pipeline of a 3D printer.

I write about doing stuff, programming, development processes, and math.

My latest personal project is GreaterSkies, selling personalized star charts as a high-quality PDF. You choose the location, date and time, and my Common Lisp engine will create for you a beautiful chart with thousands of stars and the planets as seen from that place and at that time.

Among the several ventures I've attempted the one I am most proud of was unarueda.com. I tried to popularize unicycle riding in Spain as a great tool for children education. I wrote a tutorial on how to learn, gave classes to many kids, and imported and sold unicycles. It died of bureaucracy: I could not keep up with the paperwork.

I've also been working lately in a book to teach kids how to use the command line. As with many things I do I started trying to help my own children, and then it grew up.

I enjoy biking. Over the last year I've been roaming around Europe quite a bit, mostly with my children and carrying our tent. Before going out on our last trip (France) I realized I needed a decent way to write geo-tagged notes, so I spent a weekend putting together MapJotting, a simple app that stores geo-located notes in Dropbox.

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