The Hacker Ways

A gentle introduction to the command line and the UNIX toolset.

The UNIX toolset, like the one you'll find in Linux and OSX, is the work environment of choice of a very large number of programmers and research scientists. If you are interested in a career as a programmer, data analyst, or researcher, you'll need to master it.

This book will teach you all you need to get started. UNIX can be daunting until you understand its logic: by the end of the book you will, and you'll know where to look for more.

Get your copy of The Hacker Ways

It is not finished, but you can already buy it from Leanpub. You'll get it in EPUB for the iPad, mobi for the Kindle, and PDF for your computer, all DRM-free. You'll get free updates as I add new chapters and improve the existing ones.

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Juan Reyero

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