Sorry, but I am currently not available

I have recently moved to Cambridge, UK, and started on a new job at Xaar that's taking all my time and then some.


Please contact me writing to:


See my work

Checkout, my latest project. I have written all the code: the Common Lisp back-end that computes the positions of the stars and planets and generates a Postscript file, the Python server scripts that communicate with Common Lisp and with the client with AJAX and manage payments, and the HTML/Javascript front-end.

You can also check some of my code at github.

My full résumé.

Previous experience

I've spent the last 19 years at HP doing research and development, with a 3 year detour as a manager. I've done most of my work on the digital processing of images in preparation for printing. My most significant contributions are an algorithm for spreading ink-jet drops in passes (for which I got several patents) and starting and leading the development of a piece of software that is now at the core of most of our high-end printers, and is being used by six HP printer divisions all over the world.

During these years I have also written several on-line apps, mostly in Perl and Python, and lots of programs for data analysis.

I enjoy mechanical models: my PhD thesis was about using the Lagrange equations to model the behavior of a collision of a 3-D body with finite tangential stiffness at the collision point, and for my last project I have written a Common Lisp program that computes the position of up to 80k stars and all the planets to generate a beautiful star chart in PDF format.

I am at my best when working with a bash terminal and emacs, either in Linux or in OS-X.