Independent engineer and programmer

My experience in the architecture and implementation of software systems includes more than 20 years designing and writing the image processing software of HP’s large format printers, 3D printers, and other applications. Additionally, I have 20 years of experience developing online services, and managing and leading diverse teams across several countries.

Systems architecture and online solutions

In a recent consulting role I set up the server architecture and wrote the deployment software for

Creating from scratch, operationalizing and running GreaterSkies, the original custom star map site, has been my main job for 5 years. It is now a self-sustaining company with two additional employees and several consultants working for it.

GreaterSkies is a fully automated, multi-language, multi-site e-commerce company comprising,,,, and

Read more on GreaterSkies and its technology.

Image processing and printer design

I worked for 19 years at HP doing research and development, including 3 years as a manager. Most of my work was on the digital processing of images in preparation for printing, and the integration of all the disciplines in a coherent Writing System. My most significant contributions were:

  • The architecture and implementation, leading a team of 12 engineers, of the software that still runs the image processing in large format printers. It was used by six HP printer divisions around the world, and we extended it to 3D printing at the end of my tenure. I wrote about some lessons learned during the project here.
  • An algorithm for spreading ink-jet drops in passes, for which I was awarded several patents (NB: The patents are in the name of Joan Manel Garcia, the Catalan spelling of my name).


My PhD thesis was about using the Lagrange equations to model the behavior of a collision of a 3-D body with finite tangential stiffness at the collision point.

About GreaterSkies and its technology

I designed and wrote GreaterSkies to give our customers a design and purchase process optimized for the product — custom star maps. This includes unobtrusive user and past purchase management, post-purchase product modifications, and gift sharing options.

I wrote the back-end in Common Lisp (the star-map generation software) and Python with Django (everything else).

The servers live in an AWS Virtual Private Cloud, with the IP-heavy star map generation software running in machines fully isolated from the Internet and the Django backend in bridge servers.

The front-end is Vue with Nuxt, running serverless in Cloudflare nodes.

The data analysis and tracking of business fundamentals is automated. I get an email every day with the key financial indicators for the month so far, and their expected values at the end of the month.

The company’s employees spend most of their time interacting with customers. We are very proud of the amazing reviews, and how many people’s lives our maps have touched.

See my CV and code in github.

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My CV and code in github.